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The post was one of the more rationale and reasoned looks at everything, and I really appreciate Joe and the team’s work in putting it together. It’s a starting point for prioritizing the extensive accessibility work that has gone into improving WP’s core editor already, but a key thing we have to fix is the team working in a less adversarial way with all the other contributors to WordPress — for example collaborating on posts like this, not tossing them over the transom. Some things like “icon-only controls,” which are in every modern web app, are going to require further discussion. What’s also getting lost is many things have already vastly improved over our old TinyMCE experience, including galleries, embeds, color picking, adjusting fonts (or design elements at all), and keyboard shortcuts. I’d also like to expand the conversation to cover widgets, nav menus, CodeMirror template editing, and other aspects I consider key to the WP experience beyond just publishing — our accessibility tent should include those and doesn’t currently.

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WP’s super transparent and open development style means that these bumps in teams working together happens in public and that can sometimes cause more polarization as people pick sides or inflame things on Twitter, but the reality is that we are all working toward the same goals. Someone told me they were abandoning WordPress and switching to Squarespace because of the accessibility stuff… without realizing Squarespace’s block editor is way less accessible than Gutenberg, besides the fact that it’s proprietary and commercial.

We all want open source to win. We all want publishing online to be accessible to as many people as possible. Communication is key and I’m glad everyone is talking to each other more, and we’ve begun to move away from the Twitter-style attacks (“fundamental ignorance and disregard for accessibility and amateurish approach to product management”) to practical next steps and improvements.

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