Keyboard Test for Gutenberg

This morning, I went to the swimming pool for a short water work-out. The water was cool and it there was hardly any chlorine in it. I enjoyed the sunshine on my face and I was able to relax in the water. 

This is a heading

An image for the keyboard test
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Spiders
  • Fish
  • Birds
First nameLast Name

Done with the Keybord Test: 

  1. enter a title: Keyboard Test
  2. add a paragraph with some texts
    1. Tell me what you did this morning.
  3. add an H3 heading with the text “this is a heading”
  4. add an image
  5. add a list of 5 items (cats, dogs, fish, birds, spiders)
  6. add a table with 2 columns, 2 rows and add some data in the cells
    1. First name, Last name
    2. Your first and last name
  7. add the YouTube embed

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Here goes the short bio info for the author. Birgit's Alter-Ego

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