Second Post

I will use the inserter and reuse the previously created block. And we will also change it. 

Reusable Block

A reusable block is a text snippet, or a button or a combination of more than one block that is reused over and over again. 

Testing cover block

The post was one of the more rationale and reasoned looks at everything, and I really appreciate Joe and the team’s work in putting it together. It’s a starting point for prioritizing the extensive accessibility work that has gone into improving WP’s core editor already, but a key thing we have to fix is the… Continue reading Testing cover block

WordPress 4.7: User Specific Lanuage

If you work with contributors who are not native in the language your website is set, those users might be more comfortable working in WordPress with their own language. Note: the setting is not visible if the site language is set to the default en_US To make it available, you need to set your site’s… Continue reading WordPress 4.7: User Specific Lanuage

WordPress 4.7: Theme 2017

WordPress 4.7 will launch with a brand new theme – Twenty Seventeen. Designed by Mel Choyce (@melchoyce), Twenty Seventeen sports a modern look and will make a good base for any business website or product showcase. This site runs already Twenty-Seventeen. As you can see it moves away from the blogging metaphor and adopts a… Continue reading WordPress 4.7: Theme 2017

WordPress 4.7: Toolbar changed

Top Row Paragraph/Heading now in the top row now, so it’s easier to format subheaders in your blog posts. Horizontal line in second row Strikethrough in second row. Second Row Paragraph/Heading now in the top row Horizontal line in the 2nd row Strikethrough moved to 2nd row Underlined removed Justified removed Always good to point out… Continue reading WordPress 4.7: Toolbar changed

WordPress 4.7 PDF Thumbnails

In the header you see how it works on supported hosting (here: Ciclovia Poster December 2016 – letter size Why are we not seeing Thumbnails? WPTavern notes some prerequisites for this to work: In order to generate the previews, the web hosting server needs to support Imagick, ImageMagick, and Ghostscript. It might very well… Continue reading WordPress 4.7 PDF Thumbnails